Consistently voted AGAINST new taxes, fees, and assessments — as I promised! I know how hard it is to make ends meet in this economy. My hardest-hit neighbors should not be forced to choose between food or shelter because of their city council’s indifference to their plight.

Fought for repaving of roads in the north Cape which had been allowed to deteriorate to unsafe conditions for 40 years — in anticipation of eventual utility expansion.

Voted AGAINST the $27 million “Swim Center” folly that concluded with the jailing of two Swim Center officials on charges of bank fraud.

Worked diligently with City Staff and the Metropolitan Planning Organization to find alternative financing for the Pine Island Road widening project, which resulted in a lowering of projected taxpayer investment from $54 million to approximately $2 million.

More Accomplishments
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Important Issues:

Tax Increases ✦ New Assessments ✦ Indiscriminate Spending

Bad Timing for Utilities Project ✦ Problems Getting Permits & Inspections

Need for Commercial Development ✦ Need for Job Creation

Many of the issues mentioned in this website are structural problems that were identified long before my tenure. They are being worked on as you read this. That work will continue if I am re-elected. The solution for repairing these issues has already been established. It is now up to the voters.

With your ballot, YOU decide how you want your elected officials to proceed. If you want your mayor to vote against indiscriminate spending, then Vote for Me. My voting record shows that I am against indiscriminate and wasteful spending. If the taxpayers want their Mayor to continue to vote against any more tax increases, then Vote for Me. I already have an established record of voting "No" on every tax increase that came before me: I voted "No" on all new assessments and I have not voted once in favor of any new fees. I will do everything I can to repeal the PST (Electric Tax) that some of our council members voted to inflict on our residents.

I make this commitment again: "I Will Not Support any New Taxes, Assessments or Fees." I made that commitment four years ago, and I kept my promise. And I am making that commitment again to the taxpayers in Cape Coral. I need your vote to continue to represent you in a responsible manner.

There are many reasons as to why the Utility Expansion at this time is a bad idea. Here are just a few:

Major Objectives: